Long gone are the days when you were required to be in the office 9AM to 5PM and do your office work. But now with advance Remote Access Virtual Private Networks (RA VPNs) and Site-to-Site VPNs you can securely and conveniently work from your home. Talk to us and let us help you explore the options that are available for you.


Wireless networks have enabled us to work without any restrictions of being tied to a desktop computer. With the advent of "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) workers can now bring their own devices that they use at home and use them in the office conveniently. Wireless networks just make life much more easier.

For BYOD to work a business/Organization must have security measures to profile the wireless devices to ensure that they are clean and not infected as they enter the corporate network.






Welcome to MoigeTech Systems. We are pleased to serve you. We believe awesome technology should not be expensive. Dont leave it to the science fiction movies. Our goal is to help you use technology to take your business to the next level whatever that may happen to be to you.

No matter the size or location of of your business or organization, technology will help you increase and maximize your profit margins and making your life much much easier while attracting more customers. Our job is to show you exactly what kind of technology you need to standout from the rest at the same time achieving your goals.

So, welcome once again and let us help you develop an IT strategy that will take you to the next level. Thank you.

Do You Have An IT Strategy

Every business/organization's aim is to improve its operations, make more profits, attract more customers and have a competitive edge against competition. There is no doubt that for you to achieve all this and more, you must have an IT Strategy that will guide you into achieving all these goals and more.

Our job is to build you an awesome IT Infrastructure that ensures you meet your goals and even exceed your wildest dreams. There is no type of network that we cannot be able to build, be it you are a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) type of network to a multi-national or Service Provider kind of network. Whatever the size or type of your network, we are up to the challenge from designing, deploying to troubleshooting. Talk to us and learn how you can use IT to work for you.

Cisco TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence, first introduced in October 2006, is a range of products developed by Cisco Systems designed to link two physically separated rooms so they resemble a single conference room regardless of location.

They were designed for an experience to feel as if local and remote participants are in the same room. These products offer features including up to three 1080p flat panel displays, special tables, microphones, speakers, cameras, collaboration interfaces and lighting.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is here

The time for Internet of Things/Everything is here with us. From smart cars, smart buses, buildings, cities, factories, agriculture, and also smart homes. It is now easy to control the smart devices in your home with a touch of a digital button (From your Laptop, tablet, phone or desktop computer).

Embracing Cloud Computing

Companies and businesses are benefiting from cloud computing as they don't have to buy expensive equipment so as to run their important applications, they can get their servers up and running in no time on the cloud.  They also use and pay for only what they use and nothing more.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing are, Flexibility, Disaster Recovery, Capital Expenditure-Free, Increased Collaboration, Enhanced Security, Competitiveness and Environmentally Friendly.  

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