7942G/7962G IP PHONES



The 7942G and 7962G IP Phones may be the two most deployed phone models in the Cisco IP Phone portfolio at present. They are significant evolutionary steps over their predecessors in that they brought wideband audio and Internet low bit rate codec (iLBC) into widespread production.


Each has a 4-bit grayscale display and dynamic backlit tricolor buttons (green/yellow/red for line status) for line appearances, speed dials, busy lamp field (BLF), intercom, or application use. The 7942 has two of these buttons; the 7962 has six.


These phones can be used with either SCCP or SIP. The figure below shows the 7942G IP Phone.



The form factor shown in the Figure above is common across the 794x/796x models with only minor differences, which are pointed out as each model is mentioned. The figure below shows the 7962G IP Phone.



The 7962G supports the use of up to two 7915 expansion modules (a.k.a. sidecars). The first expansion module can piggyback off of the PoE supplied to the phone by the access switch or external power supply.


The second expansion module can be used only by adding an additional external power supply. The expansion modules easily mount to the right side of the phone, or each other, in the case of multiple expansion modules. The figure below shows the 7915 expansion module.





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