The 8800 series is the latest addition to the portfolio. As has been the recurring theme with Cisco’s newer series phones, these handsets all use SIP exclusively. They do not support SCCP. Cisco has introduced some interesting new features in this line.


These phones are a new design, from the bottom up, while maintaining a look and feel reminiscent of its predecessors. The lines are sleeker, yet very obviously influenced by the iconic 7900 series phones. They were built with a focus on providing a highly intuitive user experience.


Each has been hardware enhanced for high-quality wideband voice and increased echo-cancellation capabilities. In addition, vibration-isolation techniques have been employed on the speakers and microphones to ensure an optimal communication experience.


The 8800 series phones include both audio-only and video-capable models. For video communications with the audio-only models, the Jabber client on the user desktop can be used for video, while the desk phone itself handles the audio. That said, nearly any Cisco IP Phone can be video enabled in this manner.


There are seven phone models in the line, six desktop handset models and one conference room phone model. The series includes the 8811, 8831, 8841, 8851, 8861, 8845, and 8865 phones.





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