The 8811 phone is the entry-level model of the line, but it does not necessarily have the limitations one might assume in an entry-level handset. This phone does have support for headset integration (RJ-9 and AUX ports) and is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port/ integrated switch. It is a Class 2 PoE device, supporting 802.11af/at power along with Cisco EnergyWise. It also has an integrated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN) client. This makes it ideal for both knowledge workers and teleworkers alike.


The 8811 is the only model featuring a monochrome display. The display is a 5-inch 800x480 monochrome display with white backlighting. The figure below shows the 8811 phone.



As shown in the figure, the phone combines soft keys and fixed function keys to keep the most commonly used features at your fingertips. This phone includes 5 line keys (multiple calls per line key), 4 programmable soft keys (context sensitive), a five-way navigation pad, and 12 fixed function keys (Messaging, Directory, Services, Volume, Hold/Resume, Transfer, Conference, Mute, Speakerphone, Headset, End Call, and Return [or backing up one menu level in the phone’s menu structure]).





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