The 8831 is purpose built for conference rooms. It consists of a base speaker unit, a wired control panel with dial pad, and up to two microphones. These microphones are available in both wired and wireless configurations. The wireless microphones are rechargeable and come with the charging base.


Two 8831 speakers can be daisy-chained together to reach across a large conference table. This avoids the age-old problem of a large table with two conference phones dialed into a meeting. In such meetings, the coordination of muting/ unmuting each phone as participants with to speak becomes cumbersome, at best.


With the 8831, a single phone can provide 360-degree coverage in the largest conference room. When daisy-chaining speakers, wired microphones must be used. The figure below shows the 8831 phone.



The 8831 is a full-duplex, wideband audio speakerphone. As with the other models in this series, it is a SIP device. It has a 10/100 Ethernet port for connectivity and is classified as a Class 3 PoE device. The 396x162-pixel monochrome display is white backlit.


The control panel with dial pad has four programmable soft keys and one line key. It also contains fixed feature keys for Volume Control, Mute, Speaker On/Off, and a navigation pad. The base station speaker and microphones each include a mute button as well.





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