The 8945 phone is a collaborative meeting endpoint delivering standard definition video to the desktop via an integrated Video Graphics Array (VGA) (640X480) video camera. It supports standard H.264 video at frame rates of up to 30 frames per second (fps).


It includes a 5-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) color display. The color backlit display runs a resolution of 640X480 pixels and has an antiglare finish. The figure below shows the 8945 IP Phone.



The 8945 includes 4 tricolor LED line/feature keys, 4 programmable soft keys, and 12 fixed function keys. The fixed function keys include Applications, Directories, Messages, Volume Control, Headset, Speakerphone, Audio Mute, Video Mute, Transfer, Conference, Redial, and Hold/Resume. As an added feature, Bluetooth support has been built in to this model for use with hands-free headsets.


However, unlike the 8851/8861, the Bluetooth support on this model does not have Intelligent Proximity. The body of the 8945 is built from reground and recycled plastics, making this an ecofriendly and rugged phone.


A Class 3 PoE device, the 8945 has a 10/100/1000 integrated switch and supports both SCCP and SIP for line-side signaling. Adding to its green capabilities is a deep sleep option, which cuts the power consumption down to less than 1 watt during off-hours.




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