The 8961 is a collaboration endpoint intended for use by knowledge workers, managers, and executives desiring desktop voice communication capabilities. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the 8961 has clean, uncluttered lines and an intuitive user interface.


The 5-inch 640x480-pixel TFT display is backlit and has an antiglare finish and an adjustable viewing angle. It is designed to enhance the user experience when using multimedia applications, such as XML or MIDlet applications developed both by Cisco and by third-party developers.


The figure below shows the 8961 IP Phone.



This phone features 5 programmable line/feature keys, 4 programmable soft keys, and 12 fixed feature keys. It has an integrated 10/100/1000 switch built in. The 8961 supports only SIP for line-side signaling and is classified as a Class 4 PoE device. It has a USB port for use with wired headsets or the base station of wireless headsets.


Like the 8945, the 8961 is manufactured from reground/recycled plastics. It also supports the deep sleep mode feature for off-hours power saving. It also supports Cisco EnergyWise implementations.


The 8961 uses the Cisco Unified IP KEM; however, unlike the previously discussed phone models, only one KEM can be attached to this phone.


The figure below shows the KEM for the 8961 phone.



The KEM has 18 tricolor LED buttons for lines/features and 2 page buttons, adding a total of 36 additional line/feature buttons to the phone’s capacity. The KEM has a 480x272-pixel color, backlit, antiglare display. It is line-powered when the phone is using 802.3AT PoE or can be powered by a Power Cube 4 external power supply.





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