Building upon the features offered in the 8961 phone, the 9900 series adds desktop video support with the inclusion of a USB-connected video camera. Like the 8961, the 9900 series phones are SIP endpoints only. They do not support SCCP.


The 9900 series phones deliver high-quality audio, standard-definition video and support for an extensive array of XML and MIDlet applications. This makes them ideal for knowledge workers, managers, and executives desiring a higher-end multimedia communications experience.


The compact video camera mounts directly onto the phone’s display. The display tilt is adjustable, as is that of the camera. There is also a physical shutter that can be opened and closed based on the user’s preference.


The camera is capable of encoding 30 frames per second (fps) at 352x288 Common Intermediate Format (CIF) resolution or 24 fps at 640x480 VGA resolution (H.264).


The phone models in this series include the 9951 and 9971. Both are class 4 PoE devices. However, these phones have a deep sleep feature that drops their power consumption by over 90 percent during off-hours.





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