The 9971’s 5.6-inch, 24-bit, 640x480-pixel TFT display is backlit and has an antiglare finish and an adjustable viewing angle. Unlike the display of the 9951, the 9971 display is a touchscreen.


The display supports the use of both left-to-right and right-to-left language deployments as needed in global deployments. It has 12 tricolor LED keys arrayed in 2 columns of 6 on either side of the display.


Six of these keys are programmable for use with telephony functions such as line keys, speed dials, BLF, call park, call forward, and so on. The other 6 keys are session keys that can be tied to applications, services, or other similar functions.


The figure below shows the 9971 IP Phone.



Like its 9951 smaller counterpart, the 9971 phone includes support for Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless headset support. Two USB ports are also on board for use with wired headsets.


Whether wired or wireless, the phone supports high-definition voice for increased sound clarity. The 9971 includes an integrated 10/100/1000 switch port to facilitate the connection of a wired workstation to the phone.


The 9971 extends the functionality of the 9951 with an additional line and session key and the addition of an 802.11 a/b/g wireless network radio. Note that when the phone is deployed wirelessly, the integrated 10/100/1000 switch port cannot be used.





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