Transferring calls represents another common function in voice networks. To transfer a call, hit the Trnsfer softkey while on an active call. (Note that this is not a typo: Trnsfer without the a is correct.)


When you do, you hear another dial tone, at which point you can dial the phone number to which you want to transfer your active call. What happens from there depends on the transfer method configured on the CME router or CUCM. Two transfer methods are available:


Consult: Consult transfer allows you to speak with the other party before transferring the call. After you dial the number to which you want to transfer the call, you can wait for the other party to answer and speak with them before transferring the call.


Pressing the Trnsfer softkey a second time transfers the call, dropping you out of the conversation. Consult transfers require a second line (or dual-line configuration). This is the default transfer mode in CME. However, the specific method of transfer used by default in CME is Full Consult.


Blind: Blind transfer immediately transfers the call after you dial the number (you do not hit the Trnsfer softkey a second time). Blind transfers can work in a single-line configuration.


In our demonstration we are going to show you how to do call transfer using the Full Consult transfer method. In this demonstration, JOSECK (1000) calls MOKAYA (1001) and they have a conversation, then MOKAYA transfers JOSECK to MOKAJOS (1004). The step by step process is shown below.


Step 1: JOSECK (1000) calls MOKAYA (1001) who receives the call and they have a conversation as shown below.



Step 2: MOKAYA (1001) then presses the Transfer softkey and is asked to enter the number to whom he wants to transfer the call. In this case is MOKAJOS’s number of 1004 as show in the figure below.



Step 3: MOKAJOS (1004) accepts the call and MOKAYA (1001) consults with MOKAJOS if he could receive the call from JOSECK (1000).



Step 4: MOKAJOS (1004) accepts to receive the call from JOSECK (1000). So MOKAYA (1001) presses the Transfer softkey the second time and now transfers the call and moves out of the call as shown below.





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