Intercom configurations are common in traditional phone systems. This feature allows an administrative assistant and executive to work closely together by having a speakerphone “tether” between them.


Technically, the way intercom deployments work is through a speed-dial and auto-answer speed-dial configuration. If the administrative assistant presses the button configured as an intercom, it speed dials the executive’s phone, which auto-answers the call on muted speakerphone.


To establish two-way communication, the executive deactivates mute (by pressing the Mute button). Understanding this helps make the intercom configuration much clearer.


In our demonstration, JOSECK the CEO and MOKAYA the secretary to the CEO’s phones have been configured to use Intercom. It is really simple, Either JOSECK or MOKAYA can press the Intercom button and the other party presses the mute button to deactivate mute and establish a two-way communication.


Step 1: JOSECK (C.E.O) calls MOKAYA (The Secretary) by pressing the Intercom button specifically configured for this purpose as shown in the figure below.



Step 2: The Secretary accepts the call by pressing the mute button to start the two-way conversation.





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